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Every element of bedding contributes to its overall appearance and in ensuring comfortable sleep.
Explore the elements in our Bedding Guide and learn their unique purposes

Bed Sheet : Flat bed sheets are placed directly on the mattress, right beneath the duvet cover and used to sleep on. 

Duvet Cover : The Duvet Cover envelopes the comforter and is an ornamental top-of-the-bed covering, often finished with buttons or flap for closure.

Pillow Cover : Pillow covers are used to cover pillows. Used to sleep on and often bought in pairs or as fours, they can be as functional as decorative. 

Sham : Shams are decorative pillows covered with flanges around all four edges. They are large and square in shape and can also serve as pillowcases.

Decorative Cushion : A decorative cushion is smaller in size and sits as the centre piece of the bed or as an accent piece in any room of the house.