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Luxurious tablescapes and bedding are true indulgences that we all deserve in our daily lives. At Lino, we have a variety of fabrics that are made keeping in mind comfort and durability.
Listed below are some of the best fabrics and blends, and their benefits.

Cotton Sateen : This smooth, thick 100% Cotton fabric is used to make luxe bedding. The sheets and duvet covers made from this fabric get their beautiful sheen from the tightly woven yarn. Cotton Sateen bedding is breathable, silky soft to-the-touch and can instantly elevate your bedroom décor with its elegant feel.

Linen Cotton : A luxurious blend of two natural fabrics, Linen Cotton is heavy-bodied with Linen-like texture and the durability of Cotton. Linen Cotton makes a luxurious addition to any table and is often used as napkins and tablecloths in 5-star hotels. 

Polyester : Recommended to use as table linens, Polyester has a natural texture and shine to the fabric. The colour tends to last for long and it is super easy to care for as it can be washed and dried wrinkle-free.

Linen : Recommended for use in both bed and table linens. Linen has natural breaks throughout the material, which makes it textural and breathable. One of the perks of linen is that it becomes softer with each wash, making it long-lasting.

OrgandyA pure Cotton fabric , Organdy is sheer which gives it its beauty. It is stiff and sheet texture make fine design details for bed and table linens.