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Every element of a table setting contributes to its overall appearance and elevates your dining routine.  
Explore the elements in our Table Linen Guide and learn their unique purposes

Table Cloth / Overlay :  A tablecloth is used to cover the table and falls till the chair seat. It adds an element of design and brings the entire table together with elegance.

Underlay : An underlay, as the name suggests, comes underneath the main tablecloth and is used as a skirting for the table for a more formal set up. 

Runner : Runners add visual flair to the table. You can use them lengthwise to frame your presentation or place them width wise as a two-person placemat.

Placemat : Placemats are an easy way to add colour and layers to the table. They are also used to protect bare tabletops from spills. 

Dinner Napkin : Dinner napkins are the quickest way to dress up a table. You can creatively fold napkins to add an element of fun or elegance.

Cocktail Napkin : Cocktail napkins are smaller in size than dinner napkins. They are used often for snacks service or drinks.